To leverage the role of Canton Fair as a trade promotion platform, help companies to secure more orders, China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC) will focus on the actual needs of both buyers and suppliers, and hold over 20 well-planned “Trade Bridge” Global Matchmaking Events during the regular operation of the Canton Fair online platform, so as to strengthen “one-on-one” trade matching, highlight quality enterprises and innovative products, as well as to help enterprises explore the market and conclude more trade transactions.

Schedule for "Trade Bridge" Global Matchmaking Events

During Regular Operation of Canton Fair Online Platform

S./N. Time Country Industry Category
1 June Five Central Asian countries Textiles & Garments
2 Five Central Asian countries Textiles & Garments
3 July Five Central Asian countries Textiles & Garments
4 Russia Textiles & Garments,  Consumer Goods
5 Malaysia Vehicals & Spare Parts
6 Belgium Textiles & Garments, Electronics & Household Eletrical Appliances, Cases & Bags 
7 August Kenya Vehicals & Spare Parts, Energy Resources
8 Malaysia Vehicals & Spare Parts
9 Malaysia Building Materials
10 Malaysia Refrigeration Equipment
11 United States of America  Consumer Goods
12 Russia Electronics & Household Eletrical Appliances
13 Vietnam Food (Import & Export)
14 Thailand TBD
15 Chile Building Materials, Hardware & Tools,Vehicals & Spare Parts
16 Peru Electronics & Household Eletrical Appliances
17 Early September Bulgaria Electronics & Household Eletrical Appliances, Energy Resources (TBD)
18 Malaysia Textiles & Garments
19 Malaysia Vehicals & Spare Parts
20 Cambodia TBD
21 Indonesia Hardware & Tools, Consumer Goods
22 November United States of America Vehicals & Spare Parts
23 Indonesia Food (Import)
24 Netherlands Energy Resources
25 India Vehicals & Spare Parts
26 South American countries Machinery, Building Materials, Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products
27 December UAE Electronics & Household Eletrical Appliances
28 Japan Consumer Goods, Food (Import)
29 Argentina Electronics & Household Eletrical Appliances, Machinery (TBD)
30 Mongolia Building Materials, Hardware & Tools
Note: The specific time and industry categories may be adjusted according to the contact results, and the number of events shall be subject to the actual number of events held.


Coverage on kev marketswith highlighted industry categories
We will focus on the maior markets worldwide. with continued efforts to explore markets such as the Belt andRoad countries, RCEP member countries and top 40 buyersource countries (regions) of the Canton Fair. ey industrycategories will be highlighted based on the internationalmarket demands and industry hot spots.
Diversified sourcing demandswith support to secure orders
VIP buyers release sourcing demands in the [Trade Bridge] column on the home page of Canton Fair's oficial website. which enables system-based intelligent matching, and allows buvs to view their demands and register accordingly. Effort swill be made to organize overseas SMEs to participate in matchmaking events.
Two-way integration to share infinite opportunities
Centering on the demands of both buvers and suppliers,we will hold two-way matchmaking events to not only help Chinese companies explore the overseas market and secure orders, but also allow overseas enterprises to share opportunities in China.


Exhibitors who register for participation in the “Trade Bridgeevents will enjoy the following benefits:

All-round brand promotion on the officialwebsite of Canton Fair, new media andother channels.

Priority access to a series of trade promotion activities such as sourcing briefings of top multinationals, two-way promotion meetings,and special matchmaking events as well as high-quality buyers’sourcing demands. Matchmaking Workfow

Targeted marketing services through Canton Fair email marketing, overseas trade promotion agencies,and CantonFair global partners.

Matchmaking Workflow

CFTC plans a series of events, invites buyers to participate, and collects their sourcing demands. Provincial and municipal trading delegations encourage and organize industrial clusters and enterprises to register for the events.CFTC then matches such demands and hold special training sessions.

CFTC organizes“one-on-one”group matchmaking events, and arranges special personnel to coordinate and preside over each group to ensure smooth process for matchmaking.

CFTC carries out surveys with both buyers and suppliers through phone-calls, e-mails or other channels for feedback on their participation experience and results, as well as opinions and suggestions.

Any of these events is free ofcharge. We welcome China's key industrial clusters and brand exhibitors to registerfor the events and carry out regular trade cooperation on Canton Fair online platform!

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