Canton Fair Design Award(CF Award for short) selection is held once a year by Canton Fair, which aims to pick out the cutting-edge products combining both design and business value at home and abroad. By presenting the products through the platform of Canton Fair, enhancing brand communication, and promoting exchanges at the Fair, it helps with the high-quality development of international trade.

Chinese name: 广交会设计创新奖 (简称CF奖).

English name: Canton Fair Design Award (CF Award).

Organizer: China Foreign Trade Centre  Group, Ltd.

Co-organizers: Trading Delegations (sub-delegations), and Chambers of Commerce for Import and Export

Supporters:UNIDO ITPO Beijing, HKDC, TDRI

Excecutive:CF Award Office (responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of awards selection), CF Award Jury committee (responsible for inviting experts and organizing expert review)

Categories and awards:

1. CF Award include Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards and are open to products of seven categories:Electronics & Househol Eletrical Appliances, Building & Home Decor, Industrial Manufacturing, Hardware & Tools, Household Items & Consumer Goods, Fashion Life, Health & Recreation. The best product selected from all the winning products is given the Best of the Best Award.

2. Products that have received Gold, Silver, Bronze and Best of the Best Awards can also win Sustainable Development Award.

Selection criteria:

Selection criteria for seven categories of products: innovation, function, quality, aesthetics and environmental protection.

Selection criteria for Sustainable Development Award: Comprehensively evaluate the impact of the whole life cycle of products on the environment from different perspectives, such as production, material, use and recycling, encourage more environment-friendly and forward-looking product designs and promote the sustainable development of society.

Members of the jury: International premium buyers, trade association experts at home and abroad, experts from design institutions, experts in the field of sustainable development, design masters at home and abroad, media professionals, experts from inspection and testing institutions, etc.

Release Date:10/11/2022 8:49:46 PM