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Badge Registration Service

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The Registration Service Centre shall issue exhibitor badges and passes of various kinds.  

1.1 Location of Registration Service Centre

Sidewalk of Exit A to Xingangdong Station of Metro Line 8 for Exhibitor Badge, Stand Construction Badge, Stand Dismantling Badge, Vehicle Pass application and badge replacement.

1.2 Types of Certificate and Issuing Criteria

1.2.1 Exhibitor Badge—applicable for exhibitors entering the exhibition halls (Exhibitor Badge is also valid during the periods of stand construction and dismantling). The badge can be applied on-line by exhibitors, agents, or the organizer through the Easy Exhibitor of the official website of Canton Fair.

Period of validity

Spring Session: Phase 1: Apr 10 – 10:00, Apr 20. Phase 3: Apr 28- May 5

Autumn Session: Phase 1: Oct 10 – 10:00, Oct 20. Phase 3: Oct 28- Nov 4

Issuing Criteria:


3 Exhibitor Badges (free) can be applied for every standard stand (9㎡). Exhibitor Badges can be used for multi-sessions (have to be registered every phase of every session), please keep it safe.

1.2.2 Stand Construction Badge—applicable for people assisting exhibitors in stand construction. To apply, please fill in Form A1.

Period of validity

Spring Session: Phase 1: Apr 10-14. Phase 3: Apr 28-30

Autumn Session: Phase 1: Oct 10-14. Phase 3: Oct 28-30

Issuing Criteria:

2 Stand Construction Badges can be applied for 1 standard stand (9㎡).


RMB 20 Yuan/Day + Card Fee 10Yuan/Badge

1.2.3 Stand Dismantling Badge——applicable for people assisting exhibitors in stand dismantling. To apply, please fill in Form A2.

Period of validity

Spring Session: Phase 1:18:00, Apr 19 - 10:00, Apr 20, Phase 3: 18:00 May 5-17:00 May 6.

Autumn Session: Phase 1:18:00, Oct 19 - 10:00, Oct 20, Phase 3: 18:00 Nov 4-17:00 Nov 5.

Issuing Criteria:

1 Stand Dismantling Badge shall be allocated for every 9㎡ of standard stand


RMB 20 Yuan/Day + Card Fee 10Yuan/Badge

1.2.4 Parking Permit —applicable for agents' vehicles entering the complex.To apply, please fill in Form A4.

Arranging Criteria:

One Parking Permit (sedan) in the underground parking lot of the Fair Complex is arranged for one Agent. (RMB 15 Yuan/ Day/ Permit);

One Coach Parking Permit is arranged for every 40 exhibitors, and 1 parking space is arranged for every 3 coaches. (RMB 45 Yuan/Day/Parking space). No parking within the complex, and no waiting for passengers.

*If the Coach Parking Permit is needed, please apply from the Organizer through your agent before 1st October.

1.2.5 Stand Construction Vehicle Pass and Stand Dismantling Vehicle Pass—applicable for exhibitors’ vehicles during the Stand Construction and Dismantling when the vehicles carrying exhibits move in and out of the city of Guangzhou and the Fair Complex. Should exhibitors require the Passes, please fill in Forms A5 and A6. During the Stand Construction and Dismantling, vehicles shall leave the complex after loading or unloading exhibits. No parking within the complex, and waiting for loading within the complex is not allowed. The driver should not leave the car. For those who intend to apply for the Stand Construction Vehicle Pass, please make the application 3 days in advance.

Charging Criteria:

Stand Construction Vehicle Pass: 20 Yuan / Pass

Stand Dismantling Vehicle Pass: 20 Yuan / Pass

1.3 Application Time

● Exhibitor Badge:

Spring Session:

Autumn Session:

Phase 1: Apr 7-17             9:00-17:00

Phase 1: Oct 10-17            9:00-17:00

Phase 3: Apr 28- May 3        9:00-17:00 

Phase 3: Oct 28- Nov 2        9:00-17:00

● Stand Construction Badge:

Spring Session:

Autumn Session:

Phase 1: Apr 7-13          9:00-17:00 

Phase 1: Oct 7-13          9:00-17:00

         Apr 14            9:00-12:00  

         Oct 14            9:00-12:00

Phase 3: Apr 25- 29        9:00-17:00 

Phase 3: Oct 25- 29        9:00-17:00

         Apr 30            9:00-12:00  

         Oct 30            9:00-12:00

● Stand Dismantling Badge:  

Spring Session:

Autumn Session:

Phase 1: Apr 17–18          9:00-17:00 

Phase 1: Oct17–18          9:00-17:00

         Apr 19              9:00-16:30

         Oct 19             9:00-16:30

Phase 3: May 3-4             9:00-17:00 

Phase 3: Nov2-3             9:00-17:00

         May 5               9:00-16:30  

         Nov 4              9:00-16:30

● Parking Permit:

Spring Session:

Autumn Session:

Apr 7- May 5     9:00-17:00  

Oct 7- Nov 4     9:00-17:00

● Stand Construction Vehicle Pass

Spring Session:   

Autumn Session:

Phase 1: Apr 7-13       9:00-17:00 

Phase 1: Oct 7-13       9:00-17:00

Phase 3: Apr 25-30      9:00-17:00

Phase 3: Oct 25-30      9:00-17:00

● Stand Dismantling Vehicle Pass     

Spring Session:

Autumn Session:

Phase 1: Apr 17-19      9:00-17:00  

Phase 1: Oct 17-19      9:00-17:00

Phase 3: May 2-5          9:00-17:00 

Phase 3: Nov 1-4          9:00-17:00

1.4 Application and Collection Methods

1.4.1 Exhibitor Badge—In order to distribute and make the badges available on time, the exhibitors can log on the Easy Exhibitor (http://exhibitor.cantonfair.org.cn/en) before Apr. or Oct. 15th, to submit application for Exhibitor Badge (including replacement and reapplication). Or exhibitors can submit all materials to agents or the organizer for verification and approval. The agents shall be responsible for verification of all IDs registered through the network. All original copies of the IDs for first-time participant must be checked by the agents. Only qualified exhibitors can be allocated with an exhibition badge.

Digital Photo Requirements:

The digital photo for applying a badge has to be recent-taken and hatless full-faced without frame. Re-shoot, Selfie and casual photo are not allowed. Only the formal certificated photo with blue/white background can be accepted.  The photos failing in meeting the requirements shall be rejected.

·Photo Size: 40mm*50mm. The head shall cover two third of the whole photo. (the distance between pic’s bottom and jaw shall be 3-5 mm, and that between pic’s top and head shall be 2 mm)

·Photo dimensions:

√The digital picture shall be in the jpg format and less than 100k.

√The ratio of the photo for height and width is 5:4, photo resolution of 200 * 250 is better.

√The background of the photo should be blue or white.

Passport requirement:

√The provided passport (or ID card) must be valid. The picture and letters on the copied or scanned passport (or ID card) shall be clearly recognizable.

1.4.2 Stand Construction Badge, Stand Dismantling Badge, and Vehicle Passes—shall be submitted and collected on-site in the Registration service Centre by full-time certificate personnel. Please find detailed requirements in Form A1-A5 of the related badges.

1.4.3 Only after the payment of all the exhibition fees has been received shall the exhibitor eligible to collect related badges.

1.4.4 In case exhibitors fail to submit application materials through Registration System due to force majeure, personnel from the organizer can submit application materials on the spot with the approval of the person in-charge from the Registration Centre.  Any failure in timely reception of exhibition badge due to delay in submission of application material should be responsible by the exhibitors.

1.4.5 When an exhibitor submits its registration materials to the organizer or recruitment agent, the copy of passport or ID card on the Application Form shall only be accepted with a seal of the exhibitor’s on the perforation.

1.4.6 Please refer to Application Form A1-A7 for Requirements of Registration Application and Collection.

1.5 Reminders

1.5.1 During the Canton Fair, all participants shall use the IC cards of plastic or paper materials. Staff badge and Exhibitor badge are plastic cards which can be used for multiple sessions after registration. Please keep it safe and do not bend or get close to strong magnetic field. The same card must be brought and registered again for continued use on subsequent Fair sessions. In future sessions, if staff or exhibitors have a different employer, title or identity, registration for new cards is required, with RMB 50 Yuan charged on each card.

1.5.2 To strictly implement the "one person, one card" principle, for participants with multiple plastic cards, only the most recently handled badges can be     retained, while other badges shall be prohibited.

1.5.3 If the replacement of Exhibitor Badge is needed, please apply online. Replacement proposed prior to 00:00 inclusive Apr 15 (Phase 1)/ May 1 (Phase 3)  for Spring Session or Oct 15 (Phase 1)/ Oct 31 (Phase 3) for Autumn Session is free; replacement application after 00:00 of Apr 15 (Phase 1)/ May 1 (Phase 3) for Spring Session or Oct 15 (Phase 1)/ Oct 31 (Phase 3) for Autumn Session shall be charged RMB 100 Yuan per card.

Deadline for badge replacement:

Spring Session:

Autumn Session:

Phase 1: Apr 17       17:00

Phase 1: Oct 17       17:00

Phase 3: May 3        17:00

Phase 3: Nov2         17:00

1.5.4 Any badge that has been borrowed, sold, altered or counterfeited shall be confiscated and shall not be reregistered. The holder shall be handed over to the police and shall be placed on record. People involved in the above activity shall not be eligible for registration for the next session or future sessions of the Canton Fair.

1.5.5 If any Badge of Canton Fair is lost, including Exhibitor Badge or Staff Badge, the party concern shall report to the security department immediately, and then register loss and reapply at the Registration Service Centre with the documentary evidence issued by the exhibition organizer or recruitment agent. The charge is RMB 200 Yuan/ document. Any false ID badge, i.e., through manipulated ID photos, shall be confiscated. Without declaring the loss of the card beforehand, the holder shall be put on record and shall, in principle, be ineligible for card re-application.

Any failure in bringing the same old card for re-registration is considered loss of the card, a written application must be submitted and an extra fee of RMB 200 yuan will be charged for renewal after re-registration reviewed by the organizer and approved by the Certificate Service Centre.

1.5.6 Other badges or passes shall not be replaced or reapplied or reregistered except for Staff Badge for Agents and Exhibitor Badge.

1.5.7 The badges will be confiscated and the badge-holder will be not allowed to enter the Canton Fair resulting from badges being used in advance or not being registered or activated. Please check the period of validity of multi-sessional plastic card(Staff Badge and Exhibitor Badge) following the instruction: Visit the Canton Fair official website via PC or APP—enter the Easy Exhibitor—click “Exhibitor Badge”—input the bar code number of your badge.

1.5.8 Entrance time during the exhibition:

  ● Exhibitor Badge:  9:00

  ● Buyer Badge:     9:30

Corresponding forms