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VIP Exhibitors

135th VIP Exhibitors

Introduction of VIP exhibitor service in International Pavilion
VIP Exhibitors shall adhere to the industrial standards, engage in healthy competition and play exemplary roles in the industry. Besides, exhibitors shall cooperate with various works of the Canton Fair, including participating in major events, interviews, discussions, and surveys, and submitting corporate promotional materials as requested.

How to become VIP exhibitor of International pavilion

Companies will be nominated as a VIP exhibitor if reach one of the following criteria:
-Exhibitors shall obtain no less than 8 booths in Phase Ⅰ of the session, or no less than 6 booths in Phase Ⅱ and Phase Ⅲ。
-Company or brand listed on the latest Fortune Global 500.
-Exhibitors with outstanding performance in previous sessions of the Canton Fair International Pavilion, or those representing leading enterprises in relevant industries in different countries and regions.
-Exhibitors who win the CF Award Gold, Silver, Best of the Best Awards, or Sustainability Award of the Canton Fair.

The VIP of the Pavilion are divided into Regular VIP and Premium VIP.
Premium VIP:
-Companies applying for at least 10 booths in a session, and having participated in at least 3 sessions.
-Company or brand listed on the latest Fortune Global 500.
Regular VIP:
-Companies that have VIP qualifications but do not meet the criteria for Premium VIP.

Main service contents to VIP exhibitor
(1) VIP Service Coupons.
Complimentary service coupons, each coupon redeemable for RMB 40 off purchases.

(2) Additional Badges Quota.
Additional quota of setup badges, dismantling badges, reception passes and internal parking pass are provided.

(3) Prioritized Entry Signs.
VIP signs for the current session of the Canton Fair International Pavilion are distributed, which can be used for prioritized security checks and entry into the VIP channels of the Canton Fair exhibition halls (right side of security checkpoints 1B, 1E, 8D, and 10A).
With the VIP badge, you have prioritized access to the Flyover Battery Train from the center of Area C in Areas A and B, and the Battery Train in the central passageway of Area D.

(4) Gifts for the Canton Fair and Services Manual.
VIP exhibitor will receive the VIP Exhibitor Service Manual.
Souvenir Badges and First Day Letter Cover of the session will be distributed to each VIP exhibitor.

(5) I-Invitation Vouchers.
I-Invitation vouchers will be provided to each VIP exhibitor. The invitation voucher is exclusively for use by overseas buyers. Overseas buyers can use the invitation voucher to redeem one set of dining vouchers and gain access to the VIP Club once.

(6) One To One Service Communication and Consulting Services.
One To One communicate with VIP exhibitors, providing them with consultation on exhibition procedures, conference services, and other related matters.

(7) Prioritized Participation in Trade Promotion Activities During the Canton Fair.
VIP exhibitors are given priority for participation in various trade promotion activities held during the Canton Fair.

(8) Courtesy from Canton Fair Partners.
Canton Fair partners such as China Southern Airlines, LY.com (Tongcheng Travel), Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, etc., offer travel discounts and platform memberships to each VIP exhibitor. Please contact our staff for more details.

(9) Industry Activities.
Priority will be given to eligible VIP exhibitors to participate in new product launch events, first exhibition, and debut activities.
Priority invitations will be extended to VIP exhibitors to participate in relevant industry activities hosted by the Canton Fair.

(10) Prioritized Booking of Meeting Rooms.
Under equal conditions, VIP exhibitors have prioritized access to reserve meeting rooms and VIP lounges. Venue usage must adhere to relevant management regulations. Please contact our staff for more details.

(11) Prioritized Promotion Services.
Promotional materials provided by VIP exhibitors will be recommended to relevant promotional departments of the Canton Fair for prioritized promotion and endorsement.

(12)Promotional Exclusive Discount Services for Exhibition Display.
Discounted prices for platform enterprises and brand display activities at the Canton Fair. Special discounted prices for enterprise and brand showcase events at Canton Fair.
Discounted prices for promotional displays such as guidebook advertisements and directory advertisements.