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  • Canton Import and Export Fair International Pavilion

  • China Import and Export Fair International Pavilion

  • [what exhibitors say] RICO,NAVEEN VERMA

  • [what exhibitors say] Grupo Valdivieso, CHRISTIAN SOTOMAYOR

  • [What buyers say] HealingCell,Mohamed Iqbal

What Exhibitors Say

Khaled Ramzy
Overseas Export Director
Fresh Electric Company for Home Appliances, Egypt

“Participating in Canton Fair improves our company’s development obviously. We participate not only as the exhibitor, to promote our brands and enhance market popularity, but also we will send our procurement team to make trades and cooperate with Chinese accessory suppliers.”

Wang Xinglei 
Sales Manager in Asia Region

“We has participated in Canton Fair for ten consecutive years and expanded international markets in Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Now our company is in transformation period from ‘Buying accessories from China’ to ‘Selling products to China’. Canton Fair is such an important platform for our successful transformation.” 

Li Yuan
Person in Charge

“It has been a habit for our company to participate in Canton Fair International Pavilion. The form of Global Food & Drink Show this time is very original, which is a good try for Canton Fair to enrich its promotional methods. We hope that this kind of activity continues to be held, which can enhance the mutual understanding between exhibitors and buyers so as to help more overseas enterprises get on board the fast train of China’s development and share global development opportunities.”

Yohanes Gunawan
Manager of Export Department

“Through participating in Canton Fair for more than ten consecutive years, our company has successfully expanded China markets. Canton Fair, as a globally renowned comprehensive exhibition, is the indispensable platform for enterprises. Since the first participation in Canton Fair, our company has never been absent and also will not in the future.

Xi Hongshi
Person in Charge

“ In Canton Fair, many buyers know about our company through tasting our products, and finally the door to cooperation is opened. We want to sell our products to global markets through Canton Fair, of course, most of all is to cooperate with Chinese enterprises and then expand China markets.”

What Buyers Say

Guo Yiqun
The President of Food Chamber of Commerce, GZ, 
The Person of Charge of Guangzhou Qunwang Trading Col.,Ltd

“Nowadays, the influence of global economic recession has also spread to food industry. Under this circumstance, it’s right time for Canton Fair International Pavilion to hold the Global Food & Drink Show, through which the buyers can get overseas products information in a short time and get in touch with the suppliers directly through face to face communication. ”

Wang Qingbin
The Manager of Guangzhou Longlu Trading Col.,ltd

“I come here every year and I have been to Canton Fair for a dozen of times. As far as I am concerned, Canton Fair is the biggest platform for import and export trade, which provides good communication opportunities for enterprises and overseas buyers. I think the effect of Canton Fair is excellent. There are a large number of exhibitors, including those from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, which guarantee the variety of products.”

Buyers from Hong Kong SAR, China

“Actually, this is my first time to visit Canton fair International Pavilion. This place is an eye-opener. Because you can find all the products from different countries here, unlike the previous Canton fair which only had goods from mainland China. I also learn a lot here, which increase my knowledge, and help to promote my company's products to overseas customers.”

“I came here to attend Canton fair in the 1950s. Now it has developed better than before, with many new categories and attracted many people.”

Carrefour, China

“The International Pavilion has gathered quality products from all over the world, to build communication channels between suppliers and buyers. It is very convenient for us to buy what we want.”