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Canton Fair recommends SHANGHAI EXPOTRANS LTD., SINOTRANS BEIJING FAIRS & EVENTS LOGISTICS CO., LTD. and BONDEX LOGISTICS CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Recommended Transporter of exhibits of the International Pavilion) to provide exhibitors with services such as domestic and overseas transportation of exhibits, customs clearance, quarantine and inspection, portage and storage of exhibits in the International Pavilion of China Import and Export Fair Complex. Canton Fair will work with China Customs to organize, coordinate, supervise and manage the related services provided by the Recommended Transporter. Canton Fair entrusts its Exhibition Service Department of China Foreign Trade Centre Group Co., Ltd. to manage the portage works in the exhibition hall and the Exhibition Service Department of China Foreign Trade Centre Group Co., Ltd. shall be entitled to supervise and handle the breaching portages.

On-site Service Spot of China Customs:

Counter 6, Hall 6, Pearl River Promenade, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex.

On-site Service Time of China Customs:

Spring Fair

Apr.15-19 (Phase 1)

Apr.23-27 (Phase 2)

May.1-5 (Phase 3)

Autumn Fair:

Oct.15-19 (Phase 1)

Oct.23-27 (Phase 2)

Oct.31- Nov.4 (Phase 3)

On-site Service Spot of Recommended Transporters:

(Please stay tuned for the follow-up updates.)

On-site Service Time of Recommended Transporters:

Spring Fair

Apr.9-19 (Phase 1)

Apr.21-27 (Phase 2)

Apr. 29-May. 5 (Phase 3)

Autumn Fair:

Oct.9-19 (Phase 1)

Oct.21-27(Phase 2)

Oct.29- Nov.4 (Phase 3)


According to related provisions of China Customs, import and export declaration procedures shall be conducted in Guangzhou Port in conformity with Managing Regulations on Dependent Territory. Related transfer procedures for exhibits imported from ports other than Guangzhou shall be conducted in the port of entry. Upon the request of China Customs, the transport and handling of temporary import exhibits within the range of fair complex will be carried out only by the recommended transporters for International Pavilion of the Canton Fair during the stand construction and dismantling period and throughout the exhibition.

The inbound and outbound of temporary import exhibits may be conducted in any one of the following three ways..

1. Exhibitors can entrust the Recommended Transporter of International Pavilion of the Canton Fair to provide “Gate to Gate” One-Stop Service which will include overseas collection of exhibits, overseas transportation, customs clearance, quarantine and inspection, local transportation, storage, exhibits portage on exhibition stands, related procedures for different methods of disposing exhibits subsequent to exhibition, customs cancellation subsequent to verification, re-transportation of the exhibits out of China to the exhibitors’ locality.

2. Exhibitors can entrust his own transporters locally to deliver the exhibits to Guangzhou Port where these exhibits will be transferred to the Recommended Transporter who will offer services such as customs clearance, quarantine and inspection, local transportation, storage, exhibits portage, related procedures for different methods of disposing exhibits subsequent to exhibition, customs cancellation subsequent to verification, re-transportation of the exhibits out of the territory to the exhibitors’ locality. Please note that relevant entrust procedure is required in advance.

3. For exhibits imported as personal belongings, exhibitors shall pay attention to relevant Regulations on China Customs. For exhibits that fall out of the categories of personal belongings stipulated by China Customs, one should carry out the import of exhibits with normal customs procedures and pays in relevant duties, or entrust one of the three transporters recommended by the Canton Fair to carry out the customs procedures.


1. Transporter of the International Pavilion does not receive delivery of oversea exhibits. Relevant risks and responsibilities led to by delivery of exhibits such as prohibited import, high tariff or fine, and other customs clearance issues are borne by exhibitors.

2. Exhibition items in need of an import license won't be exempted from such license if they are carried into the country. Exhibitors are requested to carry such license and contact their official forwarders in advance as the exhibition items must be declared and inspected by the customs before entry.

3. Exhibitors shall carry out import and export customs procedures with ATA Certificate for International Exhibits, and the Recommended Transporter could offer assistance.

4. In case that exhibits have been gone through customs transfer procedures regarding temporary import, exhibitors are requested to provide documents such as customs transfer document, declaration form for temporary import exhibits, customs declarations and quarantine certificates to the Recommended Transporter for the examination by on-site customs officers.

The transport and handling of the exhibits have been gone through permanent import procedures as general trade and the domestic exhibits may be conducted in any one of the following four ways.

1. Exhibitors can entrust the Recommended Transporter to provide “Gate to Gate” One-Stop Service which will include collection of exhibits, transportation, storage, exhibits portage on exhibition stands and return transportation to the exhibitors’ locality.

2. Exhibitors can choose an express company or a freight company to deliver exhibits to the Recommended Transporter’s warehouse in Guangzhou, within the time required by the transporter. After that, the Recommended Transporter can provide service including storage, exhibits portage on exhibition stands and return transportation to the exhibitors’ locality.

3. Exhibitors can choose a freight company to deliver exhibits into the Canton Fair Complex (exhibitors need to apply for vehicle certificates in advance), after which the Recommended Transporter can provide service including storage, exhibits portage on exhibition stands and so on. In the case that there are only a few portable exhibits, exhibitors can contact the Recommended Transporter in advance (as early as possible, emergency service is not provided), and deliver the exhibits to the gates of the Canton Fair Complex, at which the Recommended Transporter will unload the exhibits in a limited time and provide service mentioned above.

4. Exhibitors can deliver and carry the exhibits by themselves.

The exhibitor will be required to pay to the recommended transporter for the International Pavilion of the Canton Fair relevant fees in accordance with the chosen service scope. Basic rate will be determined as per relevant criteria specified. Extra administrative fees charged by the government sectors will be paid by the exhibitor as per real situation including relevant procedure fees. Fees for special services shall be paid by the exhibitor to the Recommended Transporter.

If in any needs, exhibitors would be welcome to contact with one of the following four Recommended Transporters for the International Pavilion as early as possible: (For contact information, please refer to Service Guide of Exhibit Transportation. You can also make an inquiry at www.cantonfair.org.cn)


Address7F, No.980 Jinshajiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 20 83524315

Fax: +86 20 83524315

Website: https://www.xptrs.com.cn/  

E-mail: ruanweijian@xptrs.com.cn

Contact Person: Mr. Will Ruan

Mobile: +86 13929546345



Add: Haichang Building, No.44 Liangmaqiao Road,

Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100125, P.R. China

Tel: +86 10 64671724

Website: http://www.sinotrans.com/

E-MAIL: wangxuehao1@sinotrans.com

Contact: Mr. Sam Wang

Mobile: +86 18618106960

3 Company Name: Bondex Logistics Co., Ltd.

Address: 10th Floor, Tower B, China Resources Building, No.6 Shandong Road, Qingdao 266071, CHINA

Contact Person:Ms. Rachel Sun

Mobile:  +86 13585899602



Notice to Exhibitors:

1. No matter what approach to be chosen for imported exhibits transportation to China, the exhibitor will be required to contact in advance with relevant Recommended Transporter for the International Pavilion of the Canton Fair with more attention to the deadline of arrival of exhibits and submission of customs application documents (subject to the notice given by the Recommended Transporter).

Exhibition Documents (subject to the notice of Recommended Transporter)

(1) List of Temporary Import Exhibits

This list will be a compulsive customs clearance form stipulated by China Customs and shall be filled in by all exhibitors and be submitted to the Recommended Transporter.            

Guideline on filling in the form

The list includes fair name, product name, country of origin, product model and specifications, quantity of package, packing number, type of packaging, quantity of exhibits, unit of quantity, unit price, total price, gross weight, net weight, material, outer packaging size, location of exhibition, number of the exhibition hall, number of the exhibition spot, the name of exhibitor and how to deal with exhibits after the exhibition;

 Product name: Please report the accurate English name;

Product model and specifications: Information on product model and specification shall be provided in detail and in a precise way. When it comes to mechanic and electronic products, such as automobiles, engine number, frame number, color, displacement, year of production and number of seats shall be provided;

Quantity of package: Quantity of transported package of imported and exported goods (according totransport packaging) shall be provided (based on the number of package);

Type of package: All imported and exported goodspackage, including that of delivery package and other package shall be provided;

Quantity of exhibits: The quantity of exhibits refers to the actual number of exhibits. If it exceeds one, please specify it;

Unit of quantity: Unit of quantity, expressed by quantifier in Chinese, should be provided clearly and precisely;

Value of goods: Value of goods refers to the CIF price of exhibits, composed of the value of exhibits and the costs of packaging, transportation, insurance and other services after they are shipped to China but not unloaded;

The CIF price of imported exhibits shall be truthfully declared. If the Customs challenges the declared price, the exhibitor shall, upon receiving the written notice, provide written explanation and relevant information within the prescribed time. If the exhibitor declares unreasonable value, leading to prolonged customs clearance time, thus affecting the participation in the fair, or there is a risk of the order being returned.

According to Article 62 of China Customs Law: If the Customs finds that imposed tariff is less than should be after approving the customs clearance of the imported and exported of goods and entry/ exit goods, it shall require taxpayer to pay enough tax within one year since tariff is paid or customs clearance is approved. The tax loss caused by taxpayer’s breaching rules can be imposed by the Customs within three years.

How to deal with exhibits: Exhibits can be sold, returned, consumed or abandoned, etc.

(2) Exhibit Delivery Confirmation to Recommended Transporter

All exhibitors will be requested to fill in this Entrust Letter and return the same to the transporter prior to the deadline to enable the transporter to thoroughly understand the transportation requirements of every exhibitor so as to make appropriate arrangements.

(3) As for brochures, souvenirs, gifts, consumables and video tapes, CDs, slides to be demonstrated in the exhibition and to be submitted to the customs for inspection, the exhibitor shall furnish two samples of each to the Recommended Transporter beforehand.

(4) Original Bill of Lading, Copy of Master Air Way Bill, and various Shippers’ Papers.

(5) Original Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Fumigation and Disinfection or Non-wood packing certificate.

(6) Product specification of machinery and equipment and high-tech products shall be submitted.

(7) ATA Certificate for International Exhibits (The exhibitor use this certificate for importing exhibits)

The exhibitor will be required to bring the List of Temporary Import Exhibits, copy of Delivery Confirmation to Transporter, Certificate of Origin, Customs Declaration as General Import and Certificate for Taxation to the exhibition hall for reference.

2. The exhibitor must apply to the Recommended Transporter within the time specified and provide the required documents and exhibits. The exhibits applied will be consistent with relevant documents; otherwise, the exhibitor will be responsible for any deferment in customs clearance and delivery caused by inconsistency of goods and documents, incomplete application and delay in application.

3. Approval of Duty-free Consumables for Exhibition

The transporter will apply in written to the customs for duty-free consumables with a list furnished by the exhibitor in the registration time of Canton Fair or prior to the opening of the Canton Fair.

Duty-free consumables scope:

(1)A small package of samples, including imported food and beverage samples or those samples made by imported bulk materials during the period of the fair, but should match the following conditions:

Those provided by exhibitors and dedicated to distribution free of charge during the exhibition period among visitors only for their personal use or consumption; Those clearly used as advertising samples with a very low unit price;

Those clearly used as advertising samples with a very low unit price;

Those which are not suitable for commercial use and in which per unit content is distinctly less than the minimum packing content for retail;

Those samples of food or beverage which have really consumed in the course of exhibition although have not distributed according to minimum packing regulation stipulated in .

(2)Goods and materials consumed or damaged in the course of demonstration;

(3)Cheap goods used for setting up or decorating their exhibition stands;

(4)Promotional printing materials freely distributed during the course of exhibition;

(5)Archives, records, forms and other documents to be used in fair.

If the amount of exhibits listed on (1) exceed the import limit, the excessive part shall be taxed according to law; the unused and remainder exhibits which are listed on (2), (3) and (4) shall be re-transported out of China. For those not transported out of China, exhibitor shall go through the import formalities in accordance with the regulations.

The above scope shall not be applicable to alcoholic beverage, tobacco products and fuel. Duty shall be imposed on other items exceeding above-mentioned scope.

4. Packing of Exhibits

All import wooden packing materials should be treated by Heat Treatment (HT) or Methyl Bromide (MB) fumigation at the origin, and put the Mark of IPPC on two opposite sides of the wooden packing material. The Mark should contain the valid symbol approved by IPPC, country code, unique number of producer / treatment designated by the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of exporting countries and treatment methods (HT, MB). In case that the wooden packing material shall be without the approved mark or with approved mark but intercepts the live harmful pest, then the cargoes will be disposed or returned to the origin (observed areas: all countries/cities including Hong Kong, Macao and China Taiwan).

Furthermore, according to relevant laws and regulations of China Customs, it’s forbidden to take used carton into the Chinese territory. Exhibitors shall not use used carton for the packing of the exhibits in the International Pavilion.

The exhibitors shall be responsible for all consequences arising from inadequate packing of the exhibits. The exhibitors will therefore be required to pay more attention on this issue.

(1) Damages prevention and water-proofing for outer packing

The packing cases will be inevitably shaken and collided in multiple loading and unloading during the long way haulage. The packing cases should therefore be firm enough to resist such events. The exhibitors must take adequate water-proofing measures to prevent damages to the outer packing of the exhibits.

Cartons will not be appropriate for exhibit packing especially not suitable for precious or fragile instruments. The exhibitors must be more precautious in case that they tend to pack the exhibits to be returned with the original packing materials (cardboard, aluminum foils, plastics etc.) which might have been damaged when opened. The exhibitors will hence be ensured to have adequate packing materials for returning exhibits. No free packing materials will be provided by the transporter of International Pavilion.   

(2) Dimension, gross weight and ground load of the case

Owing to container or truck transportation and condition of the exhibition hall, the exhibitor must pay attention to the following limits to each case of exhibit:

Length = 6000 MM Width= 2200 MM Height =2200 MM

The exhibitor shall be responsible for all consequences in case that he ships the exhibits of over above-mentioned limits to the Recommended Transporter without prior contact with the Recommended Transporter and proper arrangements.

(3) Heavy Exhibits

Packing case for heavy exhibits should be fixed by bolts not nails or screws so as to prevent damages and save time especially in re-packing at stand dismantling. Clear signs are required on both sides of the case to ensure loading on correct directions. Exhibitors with heavy exhibits are required to arrive in the exhibition hall in advance to instruct proper emplacement of the exhibits. In case that a crane or a forklift is needed, the exhibitor will be requested to notify the Recommended Transporter in written and provide the Recommended Transporter with detailed stand layout (Please refer to Form C3) to facilitate works at site.

5. Opening and Re-packing of Exhibits

Manpower and equipment will be provided by the Recommended Transporter to the exhibitor for case opening, installation and re-packing works subsequent to conclusion of Canton Fair. The exhibitor must stay at site to give instructions to those works especially for precision instruments or heavy items. The exhibitor must be responsible for all risks related to those works. In the event that the exhibitor withdraws from the exhibition hall prior to accomplishment of related transference works and leave in the hall un-repacked exhibits, those exhibits will be treated as abandoned articles which will be handed over to the customs for settlement and the exhibitor shall bear all expenses incurred therefrom and be liable to all consequences.

6. Insurance

In order to be compensated for all losses arising from risks during exhibit transportation and the exhibition, the exhibitor will be advised to purchase a whole insurance policy (exhibition period included) with Full Coverage. The exhibitor may also entrust the transporter to purchase special insurance for his exhibits.

7. Stand Dismantling Works

Prior to conclusion of Canton Fair, following documents will be distributed by the Recommended Transporter to the exhibitors who entrust the the Recommended Transporter to re-transport the exhibits to the exhibitors’ locality:

(1) Notice for Stand Dismantling Procedures;

(2) Copies of exhibit-list furnished by exhibitors;

(3) Entrust Letter for Exhibit Disposal which will be filled in by exhibitors and submitted to the transporter.

(4) Authorized Exhibit Exit Permit.

On the conclusion date of C,a,,n,ton Fair, the Recommended Transporter will carry all empty cases to the stands as per time schedule specified by Canton Fair and assist the exhibitor in packing up the exhibits and executing relevant customs clearance on behalf of the exhibitor. Detailed arrangements will be notified by the representative of the Recommended Transporter to the exhibitor.

On closure of the fair, exhibitor must declare to the customs of its mean of temporary import exhibits disposal and pay any due tax. Means of disposal include the following:

Sold   To be Returned   Abandoned/ consumed   Given away

Exhibitor will be required to fill in the Entrust Letter of his disposal modes received prior to stand dismantling and furnish the form and list of exhibits to the nominated person of the Recommended Transporter in the exhibition hall.

The exhibits will be temporarily detained by the Recommended Transporter until the Recommended Transporter receives relevant documents from the exhibitor. All expenses thus incurred will be paid by the exhibitor.

Following regulations shall be strictly abided by the exhibitor in stand dismantling and applying to the customs:

—— Each case of temporary import exhibits sold and to be returned must be declared clearly, accurately and separately.

—— Except for the declared exhibits to be outbound, not any other private goods (luggage and souvenirs for example) shall be allowed in the packing cases.

Penalty and confiscation shall be imposed upon violations of above-mentioned regulations.

The exhibitor will not be allowed to leave the exhibition hall prior to completing and furnishing aforesaid documents, conducting customs clearance and appropriately transferring exhibits. The exhibit disposal mode cannot be further altered once relevant documents have been submitted to the customs and the transportation sectors and the exhibits have been transferred.

All temporary import exhibits will be outbound within 6 months from the date of entering China’s border. The exhibitor will apply to the superintended customs in case that an extension of such time is required however, which will not be longer than 6 months.

8. The use of ATA Certificate during handling the import and export customs clearance is acceptable for the Chinese Customs. Products whose import is restrained according to laws and Regulations on P.R.C, printed materials which will be exhibited or used during the exhibition, audio-visual products, and other products that need investigated by the Chinese Customs, shall go through inspection and approval procedures in advance according to related rules and regulations.  


Customs declaration of import exhibits of Canton Fair International Pavilion has adopted the “Single Window” approach (http://www.singlewindow.gz.cn). The “Single window” is to provide those who participate in international trade (including international fair) and transportation, including goods owner, freight forwarding, customs broker, ship, dock, shipping companies and other international trade logisticsrelated enterprises with a single platform through which they can submit standardized information and documents so as to connect with competent authorities and submit standardized information and digital information that meet the requirements by supervisory departments at one single time. Agents only need to record the fair information and exhibits list for one time, then they can declare to the customs, which simplifies the customs clearance procedures and shortens the clearance time. Exhibitors shall provide complete and accurate list of goods and related documents in accordance with the requirements of the agent in a timely manner so as to avoid customs clearance delay caused by the document failing to meet the requirements.

According to relevant Regulations on Provisional Regulations on the Access Control of Materials in the International Pavilion of Canton Fair and Service Guide for International Exhibits Transportation of the International Pavilion of Canton Fair, the Exhibitors shall submit copies of Exhibit List of the International Pavilion of the Canton Fair and other relevant documents to the organizer or the exhibitor recruitment agents in time (those enterprises applying directly shall submit those materials to China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Company in time), so as to cooperate with the organizer and exhibit contractors of International Pavilion to facilitate smooth participation.

Any stipulations or arrangements between the exhibitor and transporter shall be mere agreement of both parties. Canton Faire will not be responsible for any unexpected consequences or disputes such as damages to the exhibits and the like. Such cases shall be subject to legal procedures by both parties.

The exhibitor may lodge a complaint to Canton Fair provided that he will be dissatisfied with the services provided by the recommended transporter. Canton Fair will endeavor to assist the exhibitor in settling such issue. Contact number for inquiry and complaint: Telephone: 4000-888-999.

Annex I - Provisional Regulations on the Access Control of Materials in the International Pavilion of Canton Fair

Annex II - Annex II Service Guide for International Exhibits Transportation of the China Import and Export Fair