Awarding ceremony
It helps the award-winning products and winners to gain high media attention and form a precise connection with potential buyers.
Physical display
During the Canton Fair every year, the organizer arranges to exhibit the award-winning products with the theme of the industry or design concept, so as to attract buyers and guide them to the booth of award-winning enterprises.
Online display
An exhibition area is set up on the official website of Canton Fair to display all previous award-winning products throughout the year. The CF Award label is highlighted in the exhibitor and exhibit system of Canton Fair, and given priority in the searching results, so as to attract more visitors. The latest award-winning products can be seen in Click here to view.
Award-winning prints
Award trophies, certificates, and honor certification; publish yearbook of award-winning products, which are given to important global commercial organizations, big buyers and VIP buyers of Canton Fair.
Logo use
Within one year after winning the award, the name and LOGO of “Canton Fair Design Award” and “CF Award” can be used for independent promotion and publicity free of charge.
Official publicity at home and abroad
The award-winning products and winners of CF Award are vigorously publicized through the official channels of Canton Fair.
Promotion of new products
Winners have the opportunity to be invited to new product launches or other promotional activities during the Canton Fair.
Bonus for Better Booths
If the winner is an exhibitor of domestic pavilion at the Canton Fair, 1 point will be added for each Bronze Award, 2 points for each Silver Award, 3 points for each Gold Award, 3 points for each Sustainable Development Award, 4 points for each Supreme Gold Award and the cumulative score for each exhibitor shall not exceed 6 points.

Release Date:8/10/2023 11:34:58 AM