Procedures of product delivery for CF Award final selection

I. General Provisions

(i) Participating products selected for the final selection of the CF Award of the year (hereinafter referred to as the products) and corresponding participants shall be subject to the Procedures.

(ii) The physical product and related materials will be placed at the site of the final selection of the CF Award for the Committee and final selection judges to evaluate and score as arranged by the CF Award Office.

II. Delivery Time

If the products can be mailed from mainland China, please mail the physical product (only 1 piece/set for each product is required) to the CF Award Office before August 1. If the product is in another country/region outside mainland China, please provide a design document of the electronic display board(Details please refer to III. Delivery Procedure, Step 5). The display board will be made for you free of charge.

III. Delivery Procedure

Step 1: Check whether your product is selected for the final selection

Check on the official website of the CF Award ( or log in the CF Award system (

Step 2: Package your product

Please download the CF Award product information page (one information page for each product) from the CF Award system, print it and paste it on a prominent position on the packing box for our convenience to receive your product. This page is an important proof of receiving the product in kind. Each product should have the corresponding information page pasted on it.

How to download: Log in the CF Award system ( CF Award-3. Entries information-QR Code-Print. The page contains the product QR code, CF Award logo, Chinese and English product names and number and so on.

Step 3: Mail the product

To help judges understand the product in detail, please try to mail the following materials together with the product (unless you don’t have such materials): 1. Supporting materials related to the Sustainable Development Award; 2. Two manuals (English and Chinese); 3. Copies of relevant intellectual property rights and qualification certificates; 4. Product video (If you forget to upload the product video on the system, please send it to If you have uploaded it during declaration, please ignore this prompt).

Step 4: Fill in addressee information

Addressee: Ms. Chen/Ms. Cai

Tel: 13570556152/13828442044

Address: Hall 15.4, Area C, Canton Fair Complex, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Zip Code: 510335

Step 5: Other conditions

1. If it is not convenient for you to mail the physical product, you can: (1) mail a product model; (2) make an electronic version of 1.5m(H)×1m(W) display board by yourself, and send it to The CF Award Office will make a display board for you  (free of charge). There is no limit to the design of the display board, but please be sure to include Chinese and English product names, number and a concise introduction text and product picture.

2. If you need to transport and assemble the product by yourself, please contact the CF Award Office 2 days in advance. See the above for the specific contact information, and submit information including but not limited to license plate number, ID card number, health code and nucleic acid certificate of members onboard and so on.

IV. Notes

(i) It is suggested choosing a logistics service provider with good credit, good reputation, reliable operation and convenient tracking of logistics details. The freight shall be borne by the participant.

(ii) Only 1 piece/set of physical product is needed.

(iii) Please pack all products properly to avoid damage during transportation. If any product is damaged during transportation, the CF Award Office will take photos and contact the participant immediately after unpacking the parcel. If the product can’t join the final selection, you should mail a new one no later than August 5.

(iv) It is recommended that the faucet be installed on the base for display in an upright position, and the size of the base should not be bigger than 0.3m(L)x0.4m(W)x0.1m(H). Shower equipment should be installed in a small vertical space with a size no bigger than 0.6-0.8m(L)x1.5m(H)x0.3m(D).

(v) If relevant supporting display props are helpful to the product’s display, they can be mailed together with the product. The CF Award Office will return them together with the product after the event. Please refer to “V. How to Return Products” below for the return method.

(vi) Latest news and notices of this event will be released by the CF Award Office and the official website of the event. Please be cautious and avoid being cheated.

V. How to Return Products

(i) Return products that fail to win the CF Award

1. The CF Award Office will contact relevant participants before returning products. In principle, after obtaining the consent of those participants, the products shall be mailed back to them by express delivery before November 30 (the freight shall be borne by the participants). In case of special circumstances (including force majeure), the latest return date shall be no later than December 31 this year.

2. If you need to collect your product during the Canton Fair, please contact Ms. Cai (13828442044) in advance, and claim the product at the CF Award Gallery between Area A and Area B or the designated place of the CF Award Office on the last day of each session.

3. If you decide to give up the ownership of the product, please send a text message to 18520362854 to inform the CF Award Office as follows: “We voluntarily give up the ownership of our product (**) and kindly request the CF Award Office to deal with it.”

4. If the product fails to be returned because the CF Award Office cannot contact the participant or the participant fails to reply before November 30 this year, the participant will be regarded as having waived its ownership of the product and the CF Award Office can deal with the product.

(ii) Return products that win the CF Award

1. Winning products can be displayed at the Canton Fair for one year free of charge. In principle, relevant products will be displayed only with the consent of the participants. Therefore, such products will be returned before or after the conclusion of the spring session in the following year. The participants can get their products back at the Canton Fair Complex or via express delivery.

2. If any participant does not hope to display its product publicly, the CF Award Office will return the product. Relevant procedures, methods and arrangements shall be the same as “(i) Return products that fail to win the CF Award” above.

(iii) Other matters

1. As for products to be disassembled by professional technicians of the participant, the participant should contact the CF Award Office for disassembly and transportation within one week after the publicity of the final result.

2. Product models shall be returned according to the procedures specified in “(i) Return products that fail to win the CF Award” above. Product display boards shall not be returned.

3. The cost of returning products includes the packing cost, which shall be paid directly by participants to the logistics provider.

4. The CF Award Office will choose SF Express, China Railway Express or Deppon Logistics as the logistics service provider by default.

Contacts of the CF Award Office: 18520362854 (mobile & WeChat account number)/020-89138591 



Release Date:7/20/2022 4:56:39 PM